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FAIRWEATHER is me, Tami Fairweather.

I’m a marketing communicator, consultant and connection enthusiast. I specialize in products and services that connect people to the kind of things that bring life to life: nature, music, sharing stories, gathering at events, and diving into cultural experiences. 

I have over 20 years experience in marketing, public relations, event management, partnerships, and content strategy. 

Prior to  starting my own freelance business in 2012, I was the in-house  global public relations manager for outdoor gear manufacturer Cascade Designs, overseeing sponsorships, events, strategic partnerships, and media relations in North America and Europe. More recently, I was the part-time publicist for ExOfficio performance travel apparel (and underwear). 

Currently, I regularly work on marketing, content, events, and partnership strategy projects for the Adventure Travel Trade Association and MSR (Mountain Safety Research).  I also work on other projects here and there (including some writing). In lieu of a sales pitch, I like to say that if you need a "me," I trust we'll find each other.

Whether publicity, project management, or strategic initiatives, my work begins with a clear sense of purpose and is executed with efficiency, attention to detail, integrity, and hopefully some fun.  You can see more about my work on my client page or my LinkedIn profile. 

For more perspective on my perspective and travels, Instagram is where it’s at.